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RebL support businesses and other organisations in achieving and exceeding their global ambitions through communication, the correct understanding of language and culture.


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 Fluency Training


RebL reduce trade barriers

through knowing how business is done in various cultures and languages:


  1. Teaching English, German, French and Italian languages;
  2. Preparing managers linguistically for meetings.



Case Study of a Mission Accomplished 1


 A Milanese insurance company wanted to improve their internationally working employees' spoken English and interpreting skills for desired results in dealing with foreign

 partners (active comprehension and self expression).


 This was achieved through:


  1. classical style classroom lessons, with the main focus on correct pronunciation (the key to fluency and understanding) and
  2. supporting activities such as business news reading and discussion, watching and commenting on current affairs and video telephone conference role playing.


 Improved Translation

Filtering of “International English” for Meaning


Inter-cultural/linguistic communication breakdown?

Wasting time on ‘incomprehensible’ foreign partners?


RebL correctly translate marketing, promotional, commercial, technical and

legal literature from and into the necessary local target language, in real and quality terms, rendering the message immediately clear and concise.

This can then be reinforced through visits and local language discussions, supporting the client’s foreign business employees.

Case Study of a Mission Accomplished 2 A German automotive consulting firm wanted to make American and Italian companies aware of the range of global supply chain management services they provided. From initial international research and cold calling in the local language, their PowerPoint presentations were edited and translated from German into English and Italian. International travel was subsequently embarked upon and ultimately several board level multi-language purchasing meetings at large corporations were organised; as a direct result, long term lucrative projects involving low cost Mexican, Rumanian and Chinese suppliers were diplomatically agreed upon through RebL's decisive interpreting.

Diplomatic Communication


Case Study of a Mission Accomplished 3 An Italian plumbing equipment manufacturer needed products to be physically presented and prices negotiated for new contracts with distributors in the Baltic states. Potential partners were visited, international and multilingual sales meetings (involving interpreting during technical product seminars) were organised and run, technical, promotional and commercial documentation was translated and edited and international exhibitions were attended. As a result customers in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia were identified, including a Lithuanian government agency for a successful project supply of accessories to a hospital in the capital Vilnius. On the same trip, saving on subsequent travel expenses, showroom products and equipment were decided on, shipped and invoiced to the new Finnish distributor in Helsinki.
On behalf of clients, RebL identify and contact potential partners to gauge their interest and suitability. This is achieved using the fast and cost effective RebL System. This utilises a combination of existing supplier and client knowledge, web based research and contact via telephone and video conferencing. Once a potential partner has been identified and agreed upon, further support from RebL can include all, some or any one of the following: • arrangement and accompaniment to physical meetings; • partner introduction through translating and interpreting;
• commercial language contract negotiating;
• legal document language editing;
• website translation and/or correction;
• creation of written technical/marketing materials; • product/service target language presentation/demonstration;
• language support/representation at exhibitions;
• sales & marketing development aid to the client and/or the partners.


Case Study of a Mission Accomplished 4


A Swiss textiles manufacturer wanted to develop new sales

channels in Eastern Europe, especially in the large Polish market.


Potential distributors were identified using the RebL System and visits arranged.

The new main distributor was chosen, appointed and given further support by

RebL to create new regional agents. RebL periodically visited the partners

with the client to aid development of sales and marketing strategy.


Market Study Research => Partner Assessment Selection


RebL mediate in fluent language to define supplier purchasing strategy

and establish client sales channel conditions.

This can subsequently be reinforced by potentially 24 hour on site logistical supply chain monitoring of factory production/delivery crisis management.



What RebL's Clients Say


Case Study of a Mission Accomplished 5


German Level 1 automotive suppliers needed ‘value for money’

engine parts ( = lower in cost but of quality assured safety).


Potential new German, Italian and Turkish quality component manufacturing suppliers

were sought, identified, visited, assessed, discussed and ultimately selected.


Both the latter suppliers and the reconfirmed existing ones were monitored for

continuous improvement and reported on to the customers’ specification for the benefit

of their to be supplied assembly plants in various locations around the world.

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